Web-Booker Guide

Web-Booker allows you to create or access your App-a-Cab account using any internet browser so you can book cabs and get fare estimates from any computer!

1) Register

Click here to create a Web-Booker/App-A-Cab account or to login to your existing App-a-Cab account.  To create an account, you will need a valid email address as the system will send you a confirmation email with an Activation Code.  You will want to copy and paste the Activation Code into the required field.  (The registration email could end up in your Junk or Spam mail folder so please check there if not in your inbox.).  Once you are registered, click the “Login” button to begin.


2) Setup Favorites

Once you are logged in, you have the option of setting up frequently used pickup locations by clicking on “Favorite Locations.” For companies operating hotels, restaurants, or bars, you may want to list your business location(s) to book cabs for customers. Individuals may want to list their work address, home, or (to use with App-a-Cab) their favorite restaurants, etc.


After clicking Favorite Locations, click “Create Location” and a details box will appear.  The “Location Name” field is for your personal use, so enter “home”, “work”, or whatever shorthand you wish.  As you fill out the remaining fields, some data may autofill to assist you. You are now ready to book a cab from that location or you can save that favorite and create another.

If the location is a place of business, you can use the “Place” field to get the information fed in automatically. Start with the city code letter from the list below for the city in which the business is located and then start typing the business’s name. For example, for a Holiday Inn Express in Norfolk, start typing “N Holiday Inn Express” in the “Place” field.  (Note there is a “space” between the city code letter and the name). The name and address should automatically appear for you to select.

The single letter city codes are as follows:

  • Chesapeake – C
  • Hampton – H
  • Newport News – X
  • Norfolk – N
  • Virginia Beach – V

3) Book a Taxi

To get a cab, click on “Book a Taxi”, select the Car Type (if a special type of vehicle is required), the pickup location, etc.  If you are arranging transportation for a hotel guest, a client, or a friend, fill in the Passenger name, Room Number, contact phone (including area code), etc. You can designate one of your Favorite Locations as the pickup point by clicking the “Locations” button and selecting from the dropdown list.

You can also select “Now” or “Later” for a future time.

Once complete, click “Book.” You will be given a confirmation (booking) number.

You can also cancel your booking, see the status, and view the car coming on the map.

Thanks for going through this process and learning about our Web-Booker! We look forward to serving you!